Drawing & Painting Classes

Currently, we conduct in-person classes for representational drawing and painting. 

Our art program is challenging and rewarding, best serving students who have enthusiastic interest in applying substantial time and effort towards building their artistic proficiencies. We do not separate students according to medium, skill level or technique, this allows us to combine various interests and skill levels into a cohesive small group learning environment.

All skill levels are welcome, there is no prior artistic experience required to enroll at The Art School.

Our instructional format is substantially different from most art workshops and classes. Due to our thorough approach and emphasis on technical proficiency, new students do not typically complete their first art project in less than 6 classes.

Cost & Scheduling

A session of classes is priced at $200 for 8 weeks, with 2 hours of instruction per class. Students may sign up any time a spot opens up in their class of interest, and the “8-week session” will run for 8 weekly classes from their starting date. (If needed, students are allowed up to 2 make-up classes per 8-week session.)

Consecutive session enrollment is welcome and encouraged, to allow for continual pursuit of developing interests. Existing students may maintain their weekly spot in class for as many continual sessions as they wish.

Class fees do not include the cost of art supplies, our instructors will advise each student individually and provide appropriate supply lists best suited to each project.

Age Groups

Our ongoing weekly class schedule is organized into 3 age groups:

Adult (18yr+), Teen (12-17yr) & Youth (8-11yr).

Our art program does not intermix students of different age groups, also we cannot accommodate students under the age of 8.

Medium Options

For new adult students who are not yet confident in their drawing skills, we typically recommend starting with a focus on charcoal drawing. For adults who are interested in pursuing painting straightaway, we most commonly instruct for oil, acrylic and watercolor- yet are not necessarily limited to only those three options. 

For new youth and teen students, we always begin with charcoal drawing studies, to move onward towards painting and color at a pace that is appropriate for each student.

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