Drawing & Painting Classes

Our art classes combine various skill levels and interests into a cohesive learning environment. We do not separate students according to medium, skill level or technique, and start each with a project best suited to them individually- considering their previous classroom experiences, interests and comfort level.

All skill levels are welcome, and instruction is available for students aged 8 and older.

A session of classes (for any age or medium) is priced at $160 for 8 weeks, with 2 hours of instruction per class. Students may sign up any time and the individual session will run for 8 classes from that starting date. (If needed, students are allowed up to 2 make-up classes per 8 week session.) Consecutive session enrollment is encouraged, to allow for continual pursuit of developing interests.

Class fees do not include the cost of art supplies, our instructors will advise each student individually and provide appropriate supply lists best suited to each project.

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