The Art School, Inc.

The Art School is an unconventional classroom environment, where students of all skill levels can develop their artistic abilities. We are an independent school of the visual arts, founded and operated by professional artists in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood.

Our Approach

Our art program is challenging and rewarding, best serving students who have enthusiastic interest in applying substantial time and effort towards building their artistic proficiencies.

The unique approach to art instruction that sets us apart from most educational institutions focuses on the specific goals and skill level of each student, allowing for limitless development and exploration of ideas.

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    Adult, Teen & Youth Art Classes

    Currently, we conduct in-person art classes for representational drawing and painting.

    We do not separate students according to medium, skill level or technique, this allows us to combine various interests and skill levels into a cohesive small group learning environment.

    Our ongoing weekly class schedule is organized into 3 age groups:

    Adult (18yr+), Teen (12-17yr) & Youth (8-11yr).

    Our art program does not intermix students of different age groups, also we cannot accommodate students under the age of 8.

    Once proficient, students may focus on a new medium within the same weekly class. Learn More

    We assist with building skillsets by introducing various techniques and concepts. View Classes

    Students choose each subject of their artwork by selecting a visual reference.  Read More

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to revitalize artistic engagement within our community, by offering accessible and affordable art education for those who lack substantial creative support.